Gpst stage 1

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Gpst stage 1

To be eligible to apply for a GP Specialty Training you will need:. You are presented with scenarios you might meet when practicing as a doctor. Each scenario encapsulates a professional dilemma and you are asked about dealing with it. The paper is designed to assess your understanding of appropriate behaviour for a doctor in difficult situations and allow you to demonstrate the application of competencies such as professional integrity, coping with pressure, and empathy and sensitivity.

It does not require specific knowledge of general practice but does assume general familiarity with typical primary and secondary care procedures. Your responses should represent appropriate behaviour for a second year Foundation doctor. Scoring is based on how close your responses are to the most appropriate response for the item. The most appropriate response is determined by a panel of expert GPs.

The GP ST Entry process

We only include questions that have been tested and where there is a consensus among our expert panel regarding the most appropriate response to the situation.

Applicants can score highly in these questions by providing an answer that is close to, but not identical to that from the expert group. The closer your answer is to our experts responses the more points you will gain for the question.

This is not a test of your knowledge, but rather your ability to apply it appropriately. The topics will be taken from areas with which a Foundation Programme Year 2 doctor could be expected to be familiar. There are no questions requiring a specific knowledge of general practice.

If you perform well enough at Stage 2 you will be asked to attend a Selection Centre organised by the individual deaneries using a nationalised assessment format.

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Note from onwards, candidates scoring very highly at stage 2 will avoid the selection centre - "Direct Pathway to Offer". You will be asked to perform 2 types of exercise - 3 simulated consultations and one written exercise.

A Written Exercise You are given a series of usually 5 tasks the context may be primary or secondary care in the NHS to prioritise. You have 30 minutes in total to write down in what order you would prioritise these tasks and justify why.

There are also a few self-reflection questions at the end about what you have learnt from the exercise.

B Simulated Consultation Exercise Your consulting skills will be assessed in this exercise. The assessor will sit quietly in the corner of the room and will not participate at all. Click here for marking scheme. Stage 3 — Selection Centre If you perform well enough at Stage 2 you will be asked to attend a Selection Centre organised by the individual deaneries using a nationalised assessment format.

Stage 4 — Allocation Offers made.To view the guide, please expand the relevant chapters. Therefore, this guidance deals only with the ST1 Programme. Recruitment to GP Specialty Training will take place three times a year, twice for August commencement and once for February commencement. Round 1 and Round 1 Re-advert cover August commencement; Round 2 covers February commencement.

GP Training in the UK for International Medical Graduates (IMGs)

All submitted applications for GP Specialty Training will be assessed using a standard, national and consistent staged process outlined below. This is an established and well-researched selection process using modern methodologies that are fair, robust and fit for purpose. The competency based selection process allows applicants to demonstrate their abilities and suitability for GP training - applications are assessed by the demonstration of competences as outlined in the GP ST1 Person Specification Applicants are reminded that entry to GP Specialty Training is highly competitive.

Information about competition ratios in previous rounds and the number of available vacancies in each region are available on the GPNRO website.

Applicants will make a single application for all available GP ST1 training posts in participating regions. Successful applicants will be considered for appointment across the whole of the UK, based on their performance.

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This method is known as Single Transferable Score STS as applicants are not restricted to being considered for appointment in a single specific region. The STS system is designed to maximise opportunities for successful appointment.

There have been some significant changes to the recruitment process in recent years so you are advised to read all the following information before you commence your on-line application form. This will enable you to familiarise yourself with the GP assessment and selection process and the essential entry requirements. You should also refer to both the Oriel Applicant User Guide for general guidance on how to navigate Oriel and technical help with the on-line application form and the Medical Specialty Recruitment Applicant Handbook for general information about the administration of national recruitment processes.

All applications must be made electronically via the Oriel recruitment portal by the specified deadline. Late applications will NOT be considered. The GP application form will only ask for factual information about you and your employment history. Once your application has been submitted you are unable to make any changes, apart from to update your own contact and referee details so please ensure that you do not submit unless it is complete.

All sections of the application form must be completed fully according to written guidelines; incomplete applications will not be considered.

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Important: Please be aware that Oriel does not support internet browsers that have reached the end of their product support lifecycle. Communication regarding your GP application will be via direct messaging through Oriel.

An email will also be sent by Oriel as a secondary form of communication however, as emails are external to Oriel, delivery cannot be guaranteed and therefore this method of communication should not be relied upon. Therefore, please ensure you check your Oriel account regularly for messages throughout the entirety of the recruitment process.

If you are uncertain about this, you should check with your IT department at work. At the time of application, you will be asked to indicate your preferences from all GP Training Programmes available in the UK, in rank order. This means that you can be considered for appointment across the whole of the UK. Important: please only preference the programmes that you would be prepared to work in, including those listed with zero vacancies as posts may become available at a later date.

If you preference a post, it is assumed that you are able to accept this, if offered. It is therefore imperative that applicants consider their preference choices before submitting them.

In making those decisions, researching regions carefully is recommended. GP Training Programmes are available at ST1 entry level only and are for 3 years duration however, Scotland also offer some 4-year programmes.

This information will be shown in the preference detail. It is suggested that you research not only the types of programmes offered in each region but also the geography of each region, the main Trusts within the geography, transport links to home and so on.Categories Show Menu. Telephone: email: info emedica. Course Details The next live course will be running in You can subscribe to the updated course video for entry here: For more information on applying to GP training, please click here.

gpst stage 1

We have helped candidates successfully enter training in every Deanery in the UK. Common reasons for having your application rejected at this stage, and how to avoid them. Paperwork needed for longlisting. Stage 3: What to expect at Stage 3 assessments, communication and consultation skills for the simulated patient encounters, written prioritisation exercise including sample written task.

Questions and Answers: There are 3 Q and A sessions where you will be able to ask questions related to any aspect of the process, and a 1 to 1 clinic at the end of the day to ask personal questions. This course is suitable for anyone that wants to get onto a GP training programme, whether you applied and did not secure a rotation inor are applying for the first time for entry.

If you want to become a General Practitioner in the UK, this course will show you how to get through all stages of the GP Recruitment process. Course Programme He knew the answer to every question! He was very empathetic and understanding. Amazing venue and food.

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Without his help and guidance I would not have gotten into GP training. The online Q bank is excellent as well and matches well to the exam content.

gpst stage 1

I have attended E-medica courses for Stage and will continue to attend courses through out my GP training as I find them to be extremely helpful. Thanks for helping me get into training Emedica!! Thank you so much. Lots of useful pointers and tips that I would not have otherwise known. Starting from Stages 1 to 4 to the Stage 3 Assessment. Thanks to Emedica courses.

Gave me an excellent overview of the entire processhighlighted potential pitfalls and provided excellent tips on how to avoid them and to excel at every stage. The most incredible part is he answers all our queries even after his busy schedule! The team were always able to update me with the latest information on the application process and the courses helped a lot with directing my revision.

I would definitely recommend these courses for anyone applying to GP training. You taught me a lot and supported me and lots of other doctors during the preparation for GP.

This began from filling the application form to every stage of the exams from written to scenarios. I am most grateful to you all.Alternatively, please make a donation. Constant Contact Review Join. GSM Huawei Honor 5X HTC Desire 626 Huawei P8 Lite iPhone 6 vs.

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Getting into GP Training: GP ST Entry Stages 1-4

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GPST Stage 1

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gpst stage 1

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gpst stage 1

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