Naruto banished and married fanfiction

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Naruto banished and married fanfiction

Readers can read all books for free, without any ads and give the authors feedback. Books that perform well based on their reader engagement are published by Inkitt in different formats and channels. Beyond this massive wall, a wall that was forged during the time of the Sage of Six Paths by the Sage himselfwere warlords, rogue samurai, shinobi, shinobi clans, assassins, godlike bloodline holders and even demons that all fought to protect their own individual territories from rivals.

It had been the reason the Sage of Six Paths had made the wall in the first place, as he knew that eventually the East would be consumed by the powers of the West without the wall, and years later the Uzumaki Clan in Whirlpool was commissioned by all of the many Feudal Lords in the East to use their mastery in the sealing arts to cover the wall with seals to prevent its deterioration.

Before his death, the Sage of Six Paths had made it known that even if the powerful beings in the West divided, they could easily spill their conflict into the East, and wiping out half of the Elemental Countries before a plan to counter them could even be thought up.

Of course memories of such warnings fade away through the passage of time, arrogance clouds the judgment of those in charge, and the leaders in the East become consumed in the ways of stupidity in the belief they are invincible.

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Along with the fading of warnings, is the evolution of the world itself, shaking it to the very foundation, and a single incident that would bring about the very catalyst for such evolution to start, and that single incident came on a day when Uchiha Sasuke defected from Konoha to join Orochimaru, but failed to accomplish his goal thanks to one Uzumaki Naruto, and was brought back to Konoha. The two had fought each other in a brutal battle in a fight to the end, as Naruto was on a mission to bring Sasuke back to the Leaf, and the Uchiha's own was to slay his pursuer for greater power.

Naruto had suffered two chidoris to his chest, but endured the lethality of the jutsu, and the pure agony that came along with the rest of his injuries from the battle to return Sasuke to Konoha. The blonde Uzumaki had hoped his actions would prove to the village he wasn't a monster, that he wasn't the Kyubbi, and prove himself worthy of their recognition.

He was sadly mistaken, or so they thought. In reality, which I doubt the council even accesses three quarters of the time, Hinata, Shikamaru, Chouji, Lee, Gaara, and I have been gone for months now. She said yes and even told me that I was her grandson, after a blood test of course, and all six of us left to become stronger. We've been roaming the Elemental Countries for months now and the original six has now become fourteen, we're practically a caravan.

Ranmaru a weird unknown doujutsu holder who couldn't use his limbs but now he can, Juugo someone you don't want to mess with, Isaribi a girl who can turn in to a fish I'm being seriousand Suigetsu a Kiba made out of water aka he's a pervert.

Today instead of trying to find some village to work or sleep in we are going to climb a giant wall that according to legend leads to the West, an untamed and war torn place that could make the strongest people here look like kittens compared to tigers.

It takes us some time and cursing Tayuya and Suigetsu but we managed to get over the wall. That was the day that everything changed.

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There were only five still remaining from the original 'Rookie 12', and only five young people, and five their elders in the room. It had been a bad nine years for Konoha with most of the small trading islands refusing to trade with them, and numerous treaties torn to bits, even the daimyo was angry at them, they were in a bad spot.

The council waits for their daimyo to enter and praise them for their good work, or at least the good work in their opinion. He storms in to the building and when someone tries to greet him he responds with.

A few months ago I got a letter from the Spring daimyo saying that our agreement had ended, and I get a similar one from Wave a few days later, and then every treaty or agreement that has been gotten in the last year or so, was ended, and I of course asked them what I had done wrong, and do you know what I found?

Sensei allowed you idiots enough power, but now it's over, you banished my grandson, I informed our daimyo, and he has told us what he wants, now do it, before I make sure all of you won't see your families again because you will be put in jail and tortured for treachery, especially you Danzo don't think I don't know what you do, because I do, now civilians out," all civilian even the elders leave the room.

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It helped a little bit, and most of the population was ashamed of themselves with how they treated Naruto, who was royalty, while others didn't believe it for a while. The ones who still don't believe are some civilian council members, and Sasuke Uchiha.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me.

Naruto: Rise of the Emperor Revised

Given a second chance at life, Naruto is determined to ensure that the dark future he experienced would never come to pass. And, he will need the help of a cute blonde girl with violet eyes that looks so much like his mother. This is a transplanted work from Fanfiction. Naruto was the Slave of Konoha. The tool to be invoked in their dire needs, often forgoing his own desires. But life is a tricky mistress. And Naruto is now the slaver, the user of tools in any way he saw fit.

Will life be better for him or will his conscience not let him bask in his new circumstances. Naruto Disabled from birth and the chips are Against him but he wants to prove to the ones thats Against him he can be a great shinobi with the help of his team and best friend lover and slave Sakura Haruno join him and my ocs Has they help the weir to the Fourth Hokage out. In an alternate universe, Haguromo decides to find a new way to avoid conflict, allowing people to take on the mantle of masters, literally owning the people who work for them, with generous benefits to the system.

However, As far as some people are concerned, conflict is inevitable. Can Naruto bring about peace through slavery, or will humanity end up extinct due to war? Throughout the journey she learns more about what it takes to be a Kunoichi against the world. In an alternate universe, a world where many fandoms have mixed into one, Uzumaki Naruto, a 17 year old boy learns that not only is there more than just two genders but that these people are closer to him than he thought. A red translucent panel.

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Two options. Every day he is forced to make a choice, one which he cannot refuse and which he cannot avoid. He must choose one of the two options. An absolute choice.

A "Gamer Naruto" story with an original twist. Starts out canon but then it gradually becomes AU. Without Sasuke, Naruto is unable to stop the ancient goddess and she completes her plan, forever casting the world into an illusion. However, before Kaguya Otutsuki rules supreme as a Goddess, she watched as the sheer hatred and grief possessed by Naruto converges inwardly and peaks.

The Dark Persona of the Child of Prophecy has nothing to lose and everything to gain, and throw in dimensional jutsu to the mix and the multiverse will never be the same. Massive Crossover with numerous worlds. Naruto, Sharingan! Naruto, Rinnegan! Naruto, Godlike! Naruto, shenanigans and of course, did I mention sex?Hope you all like it. Disclaimer: I do not own the series Naruto, nor anything associated with it. I do not make any form of money off of writing this story. In addition, I do not own the following series that will appear in this story as a crossover.

This list may be added to as time goes on. Prologue: The Queen. Long ago, near the beginning of time, there existed a multiverse. A cluster of worlds, each unique and distinct from each other. Some contained magic and monsters, others had technology and cold business, and some even contained supernaturally-powered ninjas. It was a multiverse much like any other…until it started to collapse. No one knows why it happened. Eventually, though, the people of the new reality grew tired of fighting and decided to accept just that.

Over time, they each began to share their knowledge, especially once congenital forces like chakra and magic were discovered to be learnable by others.

Technology began to mix with magic, chakra was wielded with divine light, and even the demons began to chip in. Humans, elves, goblins, therianthropes, all found themselves uplifted as a species, physically, mentally and spiritually. In the old world, the redheaded, seal-master ninja clan were already particularly hardy folk, with powerful life-force and long lifespans.

In the New Reality, that strong life-force became enhanced even further when the clan encountered the Succubi. Of course, the Lust demons, being what they are, ran amok and got carried away, and thus their own royal line became intertwined with that of the Uzumaki.

Naruto: Empire of the West

Time passed. Centuries, in fact.

naruto banished and married fanfiction

The older generations of Uzumaki, living to ages that rivalled even the elves, retired to the afterlife, the Hell-Kingdom of Lust welcoming them with open arms and legs. The newer ones began to spread out from their whirlpool-filled homeland, finding adventure in the chaotic lands beyond. Eventually, a young girl by the name of Uzumaki Kushina found her way to the city of Konohagakure no Sato, one of the last great cities to still train ninjas in the traditional way. There, she declared her intent to become the greatest Kunoichi of all, the Hokage, and eventually fell in love.

Then, on the day that their third child was to be born…. Uzumaki Kushina screamed with all her might, legs spread as she lay on the hospital bed. Her long, luxurious crimson hair fanned out beneath her. She was completely naked, baring a body that even on the cusp of giving birth was utterly breathtaking. Her breasts were large, full, round and supernaturally perky, wobbling and swaying teasingly with her breathing.

Her belly, normally flat and toned, swelled in a grand, beautifully pregnant curve as she strained to push out the baby occupying it. Unlike a human mother, however, her shrieks were not of agony, but of pleasure. Her round, beautiful face was screwed up in bliss, her hypnotic violent eyes squeezed shut as she took great, shuddering breath in between screams.It has been seven years since the departure of one Uzumaki Naruto and many things have changed. The first change occurred after Naruto left and Jiraiya's return.

After being calmed down by Tsunade and Shizune, he tore into the council.

Naruto: Empire of the West

He informed them that they were idiots who had no faith in the seal of their supposed hero and that the only way the fox can get out is if Naruto himself lets it. Even if Naruto died the Kyuubi couldn't escape. This caused many whom only agreed to his banishment because they thought the seal was weakened, to feel ashamed.

Jiraiya also informed them that a group of S-Rank shinobi called the Akatsuki are after the tailed beasts and they had just virtually given them the nine-tails. This piece of information caused a large disturbance among the council.

Some wanted him back, either out of guilt or because they didn't want such a weapon to be in the hands of missing ninja. Others wanted him to stay gone saying that this way the group wouldn't attack the village. What caused the most upset was the last bit of information Jiraiya gave, it was the final nail in the coffin. He told them Naruto's parentage.

Jiraiya had never felt so much pleasure than watching the melt down of the council. Another change was the rookie After hearing about Naruto's banishment and subsequent disappearance they threw themselves into training. At first they were devastated and angry. Then they decided they wanted to be strong enough to bring him home one day.

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It wasn't just increased training that changed but also the dynamic of the rookie While everyone was distraught over the loss of Naruto only Sasuke and Sakura weren't. This caused Ino to denounce Sasuke as her crush but also Sakura as her friend. However despite the exclusion of Sasuke and Sakura, it brought the rest of the rookie 12 closer then ever. Every week they would meet up and eat at Ichiraku Ramen in honour of Naruto.The two statues stood across from each other their stature, the same, was straight and imposing, their hands were held up in a handsign their bodies covered in the same armour the only difference was the history behind their carvings and the heads at the top even at their feet they shared similar wounds from battle.

The wounds were giant craters smashing both of their ankles to smithereens and at the centre of the craters stood two figures. One of the figures stood at the feet Madara Uchiha this young man had skin the colour of grey which suggested far too little sun, his eyes were a deep red surrounding the iris were three tomoes the sclera which was usually white was now a deep black, his hair which was usually a deep black was now a depressing grey, from his back sprouted two giant webbed hands his original left hand held a crackling ball of grey and black electricity.

Right in front of him stood another young man almost the same age as him, he was cloaked in a red form of the energy the boy across from him held in his hand, the boy wore a bright orange jumpsuit and had blonde hair his eyes which were usually a calm blue were now a fiery angry red with the iris instead of being the usual black circle was now a black slit resembling an animal's eye, he held in his hand a purple sphere of spinning energy.

Both of the boys were covered in cuts and bruises, both of them were tired, both of them knew the battle would be decided with the next attack.

The two launched themselves at each other thrusting their signature attacks at each other the two balls of energy collided chakra exploded outwards everything was bathed in a blinding light enveloping the two, outside no one would have been able to see anything but within the light was an impressive sight the boy with the hands from his back thrust his arm into the blonde boys chest crushing many ribs the other child had planned on scratching his opponents headband but then he remembered the promise he had made to his teammate earlier so he opted to mirror his opponent and drove his own fist in the boys chest cracking a few more ribs, the two were blown apart with incredible force from each other landing right back where they started out cold and completely returned to normal.

It was 10 minutes later when a man in the standard Jonin uniform with gravity defying silver hair appeared on the screen with a small pug dog wearing a headband and little blue shirt. Naruto woke with the most killer headache he had ever experienced if this was what a hangover is supposed to feel like Naruto would never touch an alcoholic drink in his life.

Jiraiya was first in noticing her presence. Or at least she was as close to death as she could possibly be, not only had she been up all night looking for a way to save Choji but she had also used most of her chakra trying to heal Neji Hyugas incredibly painful wounds including the huge gaping hole in his chest and now she had to sit through an emergency meeting called by her least favourite person in the whole world and as she walked through the door to the meeting room she spotted him.

Danzo he was an old relic from the third Hokages era but no one disagreed that he was a strong ninja his head was covered in bandages except for his left eye and his left arm his right arm was held in a sling many believed it was rendered useless years ago but Tsunade held her suspicions.

Grievous bodily harm to a fellow leaf ninja 2. Interrupting and stopping a fellow leaf ninja from completing his mission and finally posing a great threat to the civilian population.

Everyone was shocked to say the least everybody had either a gaping mouth or wide eyes but none was more shocked than Naruto he seemed to be trying to reason it as a sick joke Tsunade wished she could tell him that but she couldn't.

Naruto stepped out from the bed stumbling on his shaky legs he shrugged off every attempt to stop ,no one really wanted to, he slowly made his way through the village occasionally grabbing a handhold to steady himself as he made his way to the training grounds he stood before the wooden post he had been tied to during the genin survival test he made a cross sign letting another Naruto pop into view he held out his hand to the clone the two started making a Rasengan the only difference between the regular Rasengan and this one was the sheer size it the ball had engulfed Narutos arm skin tore from his arm in pieces, he screamed in anger pain and frustration before thrusting the Rasengan forward reducing the post its brothers and the ground right before him to rubble the crater was deep but Jiraiya just walked into the crater picked the boy up and brought him back to the hospital.

The next six days of Narutos recovery were not happy ones everyone would try to get him back in his usual cheerful mood but no one could pull him out of his depressed silence the most movement any one ever saw of him was when he ate and he only ate regular human portions as compared to his usually monstrous servings of Ichiraku ramen even when Jiraiya told Naruto he would train him the genin only gave a half-hearted "thanks.

Eventually the final day arrived and it was due for Naruto to leave he had packed up all his possessions into one small backpack and he now stood at the village gates with everyone who had ever cared for him even Neji had made it against all medical recommendations by Tsunade no one smiled many people had tears in their eyes Naruto went from one to the other shaking their hands exchanging goodbyes Sakura collapsed at the knees when he came to her she begged hi forgiveness saying that it was all her fault Naruto just kneeled down and pulled her into a hug whispering his forgiveness until she had calmed down Naruto stood back and slipped his backpack on his shoulders turned down the road heading away from the village.

The squad jumped through the trees with clinical precision it was a six man squad two more than usual but everyone agreed it was necessary. This man had singlehandedly defeated the Akatsuki and captured some of the most dangerous bounties on the market and he was probably the person who would be the least likely to help Konoha but right now he was really the only choice they had.

They came upon his hut it was surrounded on all sides by trees and it was a simple 2 storey log cabin the door opened to reveal Naruto Uzumaki he had grown over the years he stood at 6'1 and his spiky blonde hair had grown out a bit but his fringe was trimmed he wore black pants without his shirt and it was quite obvious he had been training he was ripped not an inch of his flesh was not toned muscles but the muscles weren't bulging against the skin they would be easily hidden under a jacket or long sleeved shirt he kept his left hand in his pocket as he gazed out at the trees.

They all had kunai held to their throats by a Naruto shadow clone standing behind them all of them shino Kiba Hinata Sai and Ino even Akamaru was tied and bound. Eventually everyone found themselves seated around the kitchen table sipping tea and waiting for the inevitable.

naruto banished and married fanfiction

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naruto banished and married fanfiction

Update Account. A New Start. Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or any of the characters. The only thing I own is the idea and the original characters. Summary: Naruto gets banished from Konoha after failing to retrieve Sasuke. He gets sent to a present day city. There he finds a new life and a new dream. After everything he did for this village, this is how they repay him? He spent the past thirteen years protecting this village, trying to prove himself a worthy ninja, and this happens.

He was still trying to figure out if he heard the council correctly.Also available as: Epub txt pdf mobi lit. The ninja council room was full.

As always, the Hokage was at the front, flanked by her council. The civilian members and clan heads were sat on cushions in front of her.

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The representative was sat to the right, in front of a small desk. The Hokage offered a far deeper bow. She was secure enough not to have to play those games.

And that her glare might be carrying her rather large irritation. Killing instinct was a curious thing; at its heart was the knowledge that you could kill someone forty seven ways with just a toothpick, a business card and a blue inflatable pig.

Tsunade nodded once. An ANBU member blinked in and executed the loud mouth. His blood dropped onto the floor, before he was hauled out of the way. Tsunade sighed and pulled out her wallet. Tsunade glared at them until they shut up. As such, we need to discuss punishment. She needed one. Danzo frowned again. He needs to be dealt with, before he becomes a problem. Uzumaki failed the mission, he must be punished. As such, he will be punished. The punishment must be banishment. Tsunade looked to the side, to see Tsume raise her hand.

Tsunade nodded. I hereby tender my resignation as Hokage. The civilians were now looking a little put out, but not to worried, even as Danzo was looking gleeful. Tsunade had memorised the name of every single ninja under her command. A legacy of her predecessor. Tsunade shook her head, even as the door opened and five of her Jounin trooped in.

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